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★★★★ “A hugely accomplished first film” - Empire

★★★★ “A brave, very British film” - Film News

★★★★ “Gritty, intense & beautifully realised” - The Upcoming


TWO FOR JOY is an authentic and unwavering, ultimately uplifting coming of age story; a visceral, moving exploration of one British family’s life. Mother AISHA, her teenage daughter VI and young adolescent son TROY, are at a crossroads in their lives.

VI has been forced to grow up fast; mother-daughter roles are reversed, VI is AISHA’s carer as well as trying to control her rascal younger brother TROY, who with no father figure and a struggling mother, is a law unto himself – something must give, the situation must change.

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PRODUCERS: Emma Comley, Sadie Frost

STARS: Bella Ramsey, Samantha Morton, Billie Piper, Daniel Mays