Lorton Entertainment

Lorton Entertainment is a financier, producer and distributor founded in 2014 and managed by Julian Bird. Julian pulled together a strong team of film and television executives and partnered them with experienced finance professionals. Lorton Entertainment launched primarily as a film financing business, but after launching a distribution business in 2015 and a production company in 2016, Lorton has since grown a vertically integrated model that Develops, Produces, Finances and Distributes Film content.

Lomond Corporate Solutions

Lomond has been established to address, co-ordinate and manage Lorton’s in-house insurance requirements, as well as those of our associates and contacts within the Film and Music industry. To that end, Lomond has entered into a joint venture with Allegiance Insure Limited, an established FCA approved broker based in Lime Street in the City of London. Allegiance provides advisory and intermediary services on all of our Film, Music and Event projects.